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the benefits of digital printing


Digital printing has certainly come a long way and while it is still a relatively new process in the history of printing, it has become the method of choice for many print providers and customers. The technology used for digital printing continues to improve and has really levelled the playing field between small business and large organisations. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of digital printing:

  1. Shorter runs – digital printing is more effective for short to medium print runs. It allows for more effective print management because it offers flexibility for businesses to print what they need, when they need it, in a quicker turnaround time.
  2. Cost effective – offset print services always require minimum orders to become cost effective. Digital printing is not restricted by the same set-up requirements therefore offering the freedom and flexibility for businesses to order just what they need at an affordable price.
  3. Speed – digital printing offers a shorter turnaround time as there is minimal set-up requirements compared to offset printing.
  4. Consistency – every print is the same. It offers less waste and few variations, due to not having to balance ink and water during the press run.
  5. High quality – the technology for digital printing has come a long way and offers great quality for smaller print runs.
  6. Variable data printing options – using information from a database, text and graphics can be changed on each printed piece without stopping or slowing down the press. For example, each letter or brochure can be printed with a different name and address.
  7. Green – printing digital assists with the green credentials of any company. There are no pre-press stages so no need for film plates or photo chemicals.

Digital printing offers businesses more options and with the high-quality output from state-of-the-art digital print presses, there’s no reason not to choose digital printing for low-quantity, high-quality, economical print marketing.