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spelling journals for schools

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Custom designing and printing spelling journals for your school is not only a great way to communicate tips and spelling lists, but offers a great way to track the progress of your students. It’s an organised and structured way of presenting learning material to students in a compact, saddle-stitched booklet format. Instead of offering “off the shelf” blank books and print outs, customise your journals for your students based on their year level. It’s convenient because all information is in the one place for teachers, students and parents to review. Explain how the journal can be used and offer information such as tips for parents, helpful hints, games, core lists, spelling rules, word families and so on. Then offer a journal component for written learning that can keep track of the progress of the children.

Quite often schools will offer branded spelling journals and print at the beginning of each term throughout the school year for each year level. Think about colour coding the covers, so at a glance, you know which book is for which year level.

Printing the books as saddle-stitched booklet is a great, economical way to print. The Print Group Australia’s digital printing press trims, folds, staples and square edge folds booklets up to 200pp. The end-result, is professionally finished booklets that will truly look amazing and showcase your material in the best way possible.

Using saddle-stitched books for your additional school printing needs such as day books and diaries, project books and even school yearbooks. Contact The Print Group Australia today, to discuss how we can assist with the print needs for your school.