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security certificates for your training organisation


The Print Group Australia offer a variety of design and print services to the Education and Training Sector. A common issue that we come across is training organisations wanting to avoid fraudulent reproduction of their qualification certificates. This issue has increased considerably in recent years, creating a major problem for organisations.

As of January, 2015 all “registered training organisations (RTOs) registered with ASQA must comply with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), when issuing qualifications and statements of attainment “(1). This includes that “your RTO must demonstrate that it has mechanisms in place to reduce fraudulent reproduction of certification”.(2)

As specialists in printing for the Education and Training Sectors in Australia, The Print Group Australia can offer design and print features which will protect your certificates against fraud. Our services have assisted RTO’s across Australia to protect their reputations from the damage that fraud creates.

Our certificates are high-end documents that protect your brand and identity. There a number of features that we recommend:

  1. Intricate and unique designs - our graphic designers can create unique artwork for your organisation. When combined with foiling and/or embossing, is difficult to replicate.
  2. Foiling - foiling is a specialised technique whereby a thin film of metallic or foil is impressed onto a document using a die (or stamp). It creates elegant, eye-catching results that simply cannot be replicated using standard printing. A great way to apply foiling to your certificates is designing a foiled seal that is unique to only you. Also applying the foiling effect to your logo, text or other design elements offer some sophistication that is difficult to replicate. Use foiling with embossing to further enhance your security.
  3. Embossing - Embossing is creating an impression or imprint on the surface of the paper or card stock in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo. It raises the surface of the finished product, creating an elegant, professional look and feel. Combined with foiling, embossing can add an extra dimension to your certificates that is difficult to replicate.
  4. Anti-copy design - The anti-copy security paper is available in a variety of print stocks and is digital and offset print friendly. Offering a variety of features including copy preventative background, heat sensitive red Thermochromic icon, solvent reactive ink, security warning band and microtext security line. The security paper can be bought blank or can be branded with your own design and any of the finishing options listed above. Read more about the security paper here.

The Print Group Australia also offer a variety of high quality paper stocks in a variety of weights. We are happy to send paper samples to ensure you can overprint on your office printer.

Ensure you get protection from fraud and maintain the integrity of your qualifications. Call The Print Group Australia today, to discuss how we can help.

(2) http://www.asqa.gov.au/users-guide-to-the-standards-for-registered-training-organisations-2015/about-the-standards-for-rtos/standard-three/clauses/clauses-3.1--3.4.html