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print on demand with your training materials

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Running a business can certainly offer challenges and perhaps more so for Registered Training Organisations. Market fluctuations, pressure of audits, operational compliance and intense competition are just a few of the challenges that can create a barrier to maintaining a competitive edge in the training industry. So naturally, making your life easier and reducing any unnecessary barriers would be good for your business. So we ask the question, how are you currently managing the print of your training materials? Are you managing this in-house and creating barriers for your business? With all of the complex issues that RTO’s deal with on a day to day basis, why add printing your training material to that list? This is where The Print Group Australia can help.

The Print Group Australia offer a unique perspective to the print management of training material. Unlike other printers, we specialise in catering to the Education & Training Sectors and we understand the challenges that you face. Whether you are printing in-house or currently outsourcing we have a solution to your problem.

It’s time to break some myths about printing:

  • “We always have to print in large volume to get the best price. This doesn’t work for us as our training material is consistently being updated. We can’t afford to have stock on the shelf that will end up in the bin”.
  • “We can’t afford to outsource our print, we only need to print 30 booklets at a time, it will be too expensive”.

We understand that your course material receives constant updates, so we don’t ask for minimum orders. Most printers will ask for a minimum order to receive a good price. Not with The Print Group Australia. Our unique Total Volume Pricing System looks at the “bigger picture” for your print needs. We will base our prices on overall volume over a yearly period vs. each individual print order and lock in a price per item regardless if you need 10 or 500. Not only will this assist with your budget but will save you time. Print what you want, when you need it. Problem solved.

Print on demand with The Print Group Australia and you will never need to use your in-house printer again. On average we offer turnaround times around 7 business days and will dispatch nationwide, so you don’t have to.
Contact the team today to see why so many RTO’s trust us with their print needs.