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what are crop marks and bleed?

Crop marks and bleed are essential components to a print ready file. Here we will look at these terms in closer detail.

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project showcase - wire bound training booklets

There are a variety of booklet and ring binder options available for your training materials at The Print Group Australia and we can recommend the best option for your needs. Our most popular products include saddle stitched booklets, wire/coil/spiral bound booklets and ring binders.

Our wire bound booklets are suitable for documents up to 480pp. Offered with or without clear acetate covers, cardboard backs and tabs, we can offer a variety of printing options for this type of booklet. For any booklet under 200pp, our square edge fold saddle stitched booklet offers a quality finish at a more economical price.

With these booklet options, a series of small holes are punched into the document/booklet then bound together. Documents bound in this way have the benefit of folding cover to cover at 360 degrees and will lie flat.

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why can't I print my word, publisher or canva file on a commercial press?

When supplying your artwork for commercial printing, there are certain technical specifications required on files to ensure that your job will not only print correctly, but also offer the quality expected from a professional print company.

We all have software programmes that let us produce our own designs. Sometimes half of the work is already done for us but there is a technical side to design and understanding the end use of the item being designed is an integral part of that process.

We often will ask what program your artwork has been designed in as it will immediately indicate to us if we may have problems. While you may be able to design, click and print from Word, Excel, Publisher or Canva at home or the office, the process works quite differently on a commercial press. While we understand that many clients wish to design and supply their own files, we suggest you discuss your project with us before commencing work to avoid unexpected artwork or file handling costs later in the process.

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project showcase - federal golf club marketing brochures

The Print Group Australia recently worked with The Federal Golf Club on the printing of their marketing brochures.

The brochures were 210 x 210mm in size and printed full colour throughout on 250gsm silk art. A matt cello glaze was added to the cover and the brochures were saddle stitched.

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what does gloss, matt, silk or uncoated paper mean?


Knowing the paper stock that you will use in your next print project is important as ultimately it will determine the final look and feel of your printed piece.

Uncoated Paper
During the paper manufacturing process, all paper will start out uncoated. Uncoated paper has a porous surface so is quite absorbent. What this means is that when printed on, it will soak up the ink more compared to a coated stock. This style of paper is often referred to as bond and is used for printed materials that need to be written on. Items such as notepads, letterheads, envelopes, writing books and student training manuals, to name a few. It offers quite a natural or organic look for your printed piece. As the ink is absorbed more in the paper, colours will look different compared to coated paper stocks.

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