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how we reduce our carbon footprint - The Print Group Australia


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The team at The Print Group Australia are conscious of our environmental responsibility and wanted to expand further as to how we reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We use soya ink which is vegetable based and non-toxic solvents and inks on our printing presses.
  • We use an alcohol-free fountain solution for our printing presses.
  • We use CTP (computer to plates) instead of plastic film, which saves chemicals and water.
  • Metal aluminium plates are recycled to a scrap merchant.
  • Excess paper stock, card and boxes are put into a recycling bin and taken away to a recycling plant.
  • The Print Group Australia is particularly committed to reducing paper wastage therefore we expect all staff to be conscious of this before the start of any print jobs. We place an emphasis on our operators to ensure the correct stock is used, the file has been proofed and any other variables that minimize the wastage of paper stock are taken into account.
  • Empty toners from the digital production machines go into a recycling container and are sent to an eco-friendly recycling plant
  • All staff are responsible for keeping their work areas clean and tidy, and when emptying waste material into bins, to ensure that the waste is secure and will not blow away
  • All equipment, where practical, is kept switched off until required and turned off in between jobs. This includes equipment such as paper drills and binding machines
  • Our pouch laminator, large-format laminator and the cello-glazing machine are all kept on a low temperature settings in between jobs, to reduce energy consumption.
  • All machinery including computers, lights (except for security lighting), air conditioning and fans are all switched off at end of day to help conserve energy and lessen our impact on the environment.
  • Whilst air conditioning is essential to keep our production machines and staff working efficiently, we do ensure these units are regularly serviced and maintained.
  • We use paper with fibre sourced from pulp suppliers who use responsible forestry techniques.
  • All of our core paper suppliers are also committed and support us in minimizing our carbon footprint.
  • We offer our clients eco-friendly and fully recycled paper stock if it suits their requirements
  • We act as advocates for the paper and printing industry by offering education to our customers on the lesser known ways to decrease our carbon footprint.