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advantages of a hand written thank you note


In the fast moving pace of this digital era, there are some things that simply get lost in the hype of texts, emails, facebook posts, tweets and skype messages… the art of the hand written thank you note is one of those things. People are busy, the world is moving at a faster pace than it used to, so why not just slow it down for moment. Instead of, or as well as sending an email or a text to say thank you, send your client, prospect or supplier a hand written thank you note.

Hand written thank you notes and cards are often seen as a thing of the past, but can have quite a powerful result. Whether it’s in a business or social setting, you will be amazed at how people can react to a handwritten note.

If you have 500 emails in your inbox, and two hand written thank you notes on your desk, which do you think is going to stand out the most? For the most part an email can never mean as much as some well chosen words inscribed on paper.

Pick up a pen, and honestly and sincerely thank someone for their time, or their gift, or for their business.

The Print Group Australia can produce a variety of personalised corporate stationery that will assist you in saying thank you!

Thank you cards - nothing shows your customer you appreciate their business more than a good old fashioned thank you card. A clean design with your logo and a hand written "thank you for your business" can really go a long way with your clients – they will truly appreciate the gesture. We can offer a variety of shapes, sizes and card stock alongside with the appropriate envelope to match.

Personalised notepads - notepads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer amazing brand visibility, especially when given to clients. They are an excellent promotional product so whether you are looking for DL, A4 or A5 sizes, we can design and print the right product for your business. Quite commonly ordered in pads of 50 or 100 sheets, notepads can be a great marketing tool. Here at The Print Group we have our own corporate notepads which have been customised for each member on our team with the message “A note from …..”.

With compliment slips - with compliment slips are typically used for short, hand written notes and are a great way to correspond with clients or prospects with a more personal touch than a formal letter. Often accompanying enclosures or other business material, they are an essential item to include in your business stationery suite and should go hand in hand with your business letterhead.

The team at The Print Group Australia always do their best to say “thank you” to our clients with a handwritten note. Think about how your business can use this age old tradition and bring your customer service up to the next level.