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paper vs digital for students?

In this digital era, it can be an easy option for training companies to go online, or digital. Of course, we may be bias here as we love all things about print and paper, but there is some valuable research that students in particular, benefit more from printed documents. Twosides Australia discuss this very topic in one of their recent blogs titled, "Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy", stating “Several studies on the outcomes of reading and studying on paper versus digital from the United States and South Korea have been conducted. The results show that 60 out of 66 students preferred paper to a computer when studying and that using paper for note-taking improved the quality of student reports." 

Read more in our blog titled - students, learning and the benefit of pen on paper.


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project showcase - rto student handbooks


As print specialists for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), The Print Group Australia offer more than just training material printing. We also offer print services for marketing materials, business stationery and a variety of other print needs that RTOs have. Today we thought we’d take a closer look at some student handbooks that we have recently printed.

All of our RTO clients so far, have decided to print their student handbooks at A5 size. All of the samples shown today, have been printed full colour throughout on a 150gsm gloss. The booklets have all been finished as a square edge folded saddle-stitched booklet and are really, the perfect size for students to keep handy when needed. The advantage of having the student handbooks printed professionally is that they do make a great impression on your new students and gives them immediate access to all they need to know about studying with your RTO.

Call our team today for a quote for your student handbooks.

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did you know?

As members of Two Sides Australia we are passionate about paper and the printing industry and we want to share researched facts and help "explode the myths" about the industry and share how sustainable print and paper really is. 

Did you know that 76% of newspaers, catalogues and magazines in Australia are recycled?  Read more myths and facts in our blog or further on Two Sides Australia.

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rto print specialists - australia

As specialists in printing training materials, The Print Group Australia can offer significant value to your RTO. As a majority of our clients are Registered Training Organisations, the systems we have in place work very well and is certainly gaining traction in the VET sector for offering economical and efficient print management systems that just simply work.

What makes our services of value to RTO’s and their training material printing needs include:

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who is your target market?

Successful brands know who their target market is. Who is your target market? What needs, challenges and frustrations do they have? How does your company solve this problem? Understanding your target market is very important as it sets the tone and direction of your marketing efforts.

Read more in our blog titled - how to offer a successful brand  

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