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certificates for schools – excellence awards, principals awards, reward & graduation certificates

The Print Group Australia can offer a variety of certificate options for your school! Whether you are looking for a foiled certificate for Excellence Awards, Principals Awards or Graduation Certificates, or a fun, playful post card size certificate to encourage and reward good behaviour in the classroom, The Print Group Australia can help!

With our in-house graphic design services we can brand the certificates with your school logo and create a design that suits your needs. Whether you need certificates that are gender based or if you prefer different layouts for each year level, subject, event - we have the flexibility to create a great design and printed product that your students would be proud to receive.

Our most popular embellishments for certificates include:

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project showcase - wellness academy certificates

The Print Group Australia recently worked with Wellness Breakthrough Academy on the design and print of their qualification certificates.

The certificates were printed full colour on a 210gsm supreme systems board with a 50mm gold foil and embossed seal.

For more information on our certificate options for your training organisation read our blog: security certificates for your training organisation.

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how to support your students through this pandemic

As specialists in printing for the Education & Training Sector here in Australia, we have seen the very nature of face to face training change almost overnight. We have been quick to pivot and offer genuine solutions to our clients in the education industry to help support them in finding creative ways to continue to train during this pandemic.

While there are many VET providers that have simply cancelled classes, we are seeing more than ever, RTOs adapting and changing their mode of delivery to virtual classrooms or online learning.

Does that mean print is not needed? Absolutely not.

We are proof this is certainly not the case. RTOs continue to support their students with printed materials and our services of printing training materials and dispatching direct to students at home is certainly gaining momentum as more and more of our clients jump on board with this option.

For both students and trainers who are comfortable with face to face learning, this rush to online education may be quite overwhelming. The pleasant surprise from all this is that the traditional classroom setting is still very much alive – it has just adjusted to a different medium; for right now!

So, as we all adapt to the sudden change in the learning environment, we wanted to take a closer look at how you can further support your students during this pandemic.

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project showcase - q1 in-room compendiums

The Print Group Australia recently worked with the Q1 on the Gold Coast on the printing of their In-Room Compendiums.

The stylish compendiums were printed on 360gsm hi bulk art board, then matt cello glazed on both sides . Due to the weight of the art board, the compendiums were scored in 2 positions to assist with folding. The final product size once folded was 139mm x 297mm.


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5 printed marketing materials to increase your sales

Never has it been more apparent that sales are important for your business. Times are tough but we are tougher. As Australians we have suffered through bushfires, had a massive downturn in tourism and now we are facing the COVID-19 Pandemic. No one would say that these times are business as usual but there is an opportunity right now for your business - to build your brand, retain relationships and sharpen your sales skills and to continue to add value to your clients and prospective customers.

So, what’s next for your business? What strategies do you have in place to maintain or grow your business during these uncertain times?

Our tip? Never give up, show up and take the time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy to maintain, build and grow customer relationships.

So how can print help you ask?

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