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benefits of outsourcing your printing


Outsourcing is a proven process that can significantly reduce costs regardless of how big or small your business is. The reality is – all businesses have printing needs. Have you considered the real cost of managing your print in-house? Here we will take a closer look at the true cost of printing and the benefits of outsourcing your print to a professional company like The Print Group Australia.

One of the key issues that we come across time and time again is the issue of time. Do you find your staff are pulled away from their core roles to manage the printing, binding and finishing of your recent print project? This is a time consuming process so let the experts do what they do best and leave your staff to focus on their core roles.  

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myths about paper and print


The Print Group Australia have a passion for print. We live and breathe print and feel that in the digital age, that paper and printing certainly still has its place in the world. We make environmentally responsible paper choices and do our very best to be responsible business owners. The great thing about paper is that it is a versatile and sustainable communications medium and is one of the most recyclable products on the planet.

We wanted to take the time to talk about a couple of myths and misconceptions about printing and paper. Two Sides Australia is an organisation whose "common goal is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium". (1)

So here we will talk about 2 major misconceptions about paper:

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project showcase: ARC

ARC is a client that The Print Group Australia have been providing print services to from the very beginning. Also working with ARC's parent and sister companies, The Print Group Australia print all of the training material in the shape and form of saddle-stitched booklets. Branded for Aspire, Keystone College and Compass College for a variety of courses, the training material is printed on demand in regular short digital print runs.

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business card/stationery printing in brisbane

Your Business Stationery should not only reflect your business in a professional manner, but needs to consistently reflect your brand and logo. Here we will look at options available for your Business Stationery – a must have for any business.

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publications in the digital world

Transitioning your business into the digital world is important. As it provides an additional option for customers to reach out to you and also caters for the new generation of tech savvy consumers. Here we will talk about the variety of Digital Publications or E-Media available for your business and how we can assist you with the transition:


Printing flyers and brochures are a convenient and cost effective way to share information about your business and promote key messages to your customers and prospects. A great eye-catching design and a professional print job will make all the difference when you are advertising your key message using flyers. Now use this brochure in electronic format and your reach has really expanded! Used in pdf form, embedded in your e-newsletters or your website, sent as an attachment in your emails, shared on social media – now that is a good way to get your message heard loud and clear.


Using a professional, online e-catalogue offers a variety of advantages for your company. E-catalogues are a digital representation of your business and offer fast and easy viewing of your products and services. Offering products and purchasing options online is a natural way to increase sales as your customers have access to information 24/7. The ability to make instant changes and updates makes e-catalogues a powerful marketing and e-commerce tool for your business.

Email signatures

Using branded, consistent email signatures are a great way to communicate any relevant or urgent information to your customers or prospects. It is a great promotional tool and another effective way to communicate your brand to your market. Like any good marketing tool, use your logo, provide contact information and most importantly – make sure it is designed and sized correctly for email format! Insert logos of associations you are members of, create banners for any specials you have coming up or any exciting news you want to share, have links to your website, social media platforms – create another avenue for your customers and prospects to gain access to more information about your company.

Interactive forms

Interactive forms are a great way to manage your everyday business forms. They are interactive forms that can be completed online and offer a smart and efficient option for your business. Any aspect of your business would benefit from interactive forms – applications, order forms, quotations, job tickets, online surveys, product information...the list of options are extensive! Interact with users and provide forms that are easy to use, easy to access – get efficient and use interactive forms with your business today.

QR codes

Using QR Codes in your Marketing Material is becoming a commonly used practice among businesses. QR Codes can be scanned with your phone and then link customers or prospects to digital content on the web. The ability to direct people to further information regarding your product using a QR code is very useful for both businesses and consumers and is hailed for generating an immediate response from your audience.

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