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publications in the digital world

Transitioning your business into the digital world is important. As it provides an additional option for customers to reach out to you and also caters for the new generation of tech savvy consumers. Here we will talk about the variety of Digital Publications or E-Media available for your business and how we can assist you with the transition:


Printing flyers and brochures are a convenient and cost effective way to share information about your business and promote key messages to your customers and prospects. A great eye-catching design and a professional print job will make all the difference when you are advertising your key message using flyers. Now use this brochure in electronic format and your reach has really expanded! Used in pdf form, embedded in your e-newsletters or your website, sent as an attachment in your emails, shared on social media – now that is a good way to get your message heard loud and clear.


Using a professional, online e-catalogue offers a variety of advantages for your company. E-catalogues are a digital representation of your business and offer fast and easy viewing of your products and services. Offering products and purchasing options online is a natural way to increase sales as your customers have access to information 24/7. The ability to make instant changes and updates makes e-catalogues a powerful marketing and e-commerce tool for your business.

Email signatures

Using branded, consistent email signatures are a great way to communicate any relevant or urgent information to your customers or prospects. It is a great promotional tool and another effective way to communicate your brand to your market. Like any good marketing tool, use your logo, provide contact information and most importantly – make sure it is designed and sized correctly for email format! Insert logos of associations you are members of, create banners for any specials you have coming up or any exciting news you want to share, have links to your website, social media platforms – create another avenue for your customers and prospects to gain access to more information about your company.

Interactive forms

Interactive forms are a great way to manage your everyday business forms. They are interactive forms that can be completed online and offer a smart and efficient option for your business. Any aspect of your business would benefit from interactive forms – applications, order forms, quotations, job tickets, online surveys, product information...the list of options are extensive! Interact with users and provide forms that are easy to use, easy to access – get efficient and use interactive forms with your business today.

QR codes

Using QR Codes in your Marketing Material is becoming a commonly used practice among businesses. QR Codes can be scanned with your phone and then link customers or prospects to digital content on the web. The ability to direct people to further information regarding your product using a QR code is very useful for both businesses and consumers and is hailed for generating an immediate response from your audience.

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finishing options

Convert your print project into something truly special with a range of finishing options at The Print Group Australia. The final finishing touch can really transform your print job into a high quality, professional finished product. A wide selection of impressive finishing services is available for your next print job and we will talk further about them here:

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case study: Umail re-branding

The Design Process

The Client

Umail is a Direct Mail Marketing Service which delivers data, printing and mailing services. Their professional team can provide database cleansing, barcoding and database sales, envelope overprinting, folding and insertion along with plastic wrapping, UMS bookings and everything to do with Australia Post Lodgements. Umail is owned and run by Peter Sturmer.

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project showcase: Bio Sculpture

The Print Group worked with local company Bio Sculpture to provide a professional print solution for their Nationwide Manicure & Pedicure Course.

The client was printing all training modules in-house and was looking to upgrade their material with a clean and professional look & feel. Original discussions involved offering their modules as individual saddle-stitched booklets with a new graphic designed full colour cover. After further investigation, we suggested utilising a four ring binder, designing a customised cover and spine, and including all modules into the one binder.

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paper weight, GSM and what it all really means: - The Print Group

The team here at The Print Group Australia can provide advice on the best paper stock to use for your print job. We can provide samples of different stocks and weights to see what would work best – but in the meantime thought we would share some insiders information about Paper Weight, GSM, and what it all really means.

The term GSM refers to the substance weight of paper, relating to an area of paper that remains constant, irrespective of sheet size, expressed as grams per square metre.

As a starting point, standard printer paper is generally around 80gsm. Typically the higher the GSM the heavier (and generally, the thicker) the paper but this isn't always the case.

One of our paper supplier KW Doggetts explains, "Many people often confuse the weight of paper with the thickness. Two papers may both weigh 120gsm, but one may be a thick vellum style of paper containing air and bulk, whilst another may be highly calendered and tightly packed. Both are classified as 120gsm but feel and look completely different"

So how do you know what paper would work best? We have provided some general tips below as a point of reference, but the best option is to have a chat with us about your job, we can show you some samples and recommend what would work best for you!

Business Cards – our standard business card stock would be 400gsm. Business cards are an extension of your business so you wouldn't want a lightweight card that can be easily damaged as it may be a reflection on your company.

Flyers & Brochures – we typically recommend a 150gsm stock as it is generally a good paper stock for this type of print job.

Posters – we typically recommend a 170gsm stock as it carries a nice quality for the posters without making it too heavy or thick.

Training Documents – we would recommend an 80gsm or 90gsm stock. The stock typically needs to be uncoated to allow writing on the pages for students. This also assists with the thickness of the document as most of our training documents are saddle-stitched and need to fold easily.

Presentation Folders – we typically use a high bulk art board around 310gsm. The high bulk art board is stiffer than your standard 310gsm and makes for a durable and sturdy folder for carrying documents.

Letterhead & With Comp Slips – we would recommend around a 100gsm. It is slightly heavier stock than standard and carries a more professional look and feel for your business stationery.

NCR Books – these require specialty 60gsm carbonless paper.

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