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how professional graphic design makes you stand out above the rest


Although we're called The Print Group Australia, much of our focus is on professional graphic design. It's the first step towards a standout printed product that looks professional and sends a clear message about your business.

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use foiling to create elegant and sophisticated print


Are you looking for a unique way to add some class and sophistication to your printed project ? Have you considered adding a foil finish to your logo, text or design element of your printed piece?

Foiling is a specialised technique whereby a thin film of metallic or foil is impressed onto a document using a die (or stamp). It creates elegant, eye-catching results that simply cannot be replicated using standard printing.

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ten tips for effective brochures

Even in this digital age, print brochures remain one of the best sales and marketing tools for any business, if they’re done well.

The Print Group specialises in custom printing for our national customer base and has produced high quality brochures for many businesses that may have passed through your mailbox, across your desk or been delivered with your weekend paper. A few of our notable recent clients have included SportsEars, Barrier Reef Pools, Sci-Fleet Motors and Ashdown Ingram, all of which are successful companies that combine print with online strategies to get their message to their customers.

Here are our tips for creating effective brochures:

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benefits of outsourcing your printing


Outsourcing is a proven process that can significantly reduce costs regardless of how big or small your business is. The reality is – all businesses have printing needs. Have you considered the real cost of managing your print in-house? Here we will take a closer look at the true cost of printing and the benefits of outsourcing your print to a professional company like The Print Group.

One of the key issues that we come across time and time again is the issue of time. Do you find your staff are pulled away from their core roles to manage the printing, binding and finishing of your recent print project? This is a time consuming process so let the experts do what they do best and leave your staff to focus on their core roles.  

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what are your printed materials saying about your business?


Have you ever attended a networking event, trade show or client meeting and be given a cheap flimsy business card or brochure with poorly designed artwork and no consistent brand image? It reflects poorly on the professionalism of the person or company and certainly does not instil confidence that they could deliver on their product or services. Marketing and brand image are key components to the success of your business and using cheap, economical materials will definitely give the wrong impression. With the right logo design, colour choices and marketing materials – you can make sure that your business materials sell your product or service, even when you are not around.

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