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5 tips to creating eye catching stationery for your business


Business stationery is essential for your business and for communicating with your clients and prospects. It assists in building your brand image and offers a way to showcase your business to the public. While business stationery is essential, it doesn’t have to be standard. There are a variety of techniques available that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are our 5 tips to creating eye catching stationery for your business:

  1. Foiling - foiling is a unique way to add sophistication to your business stationery. Adding a silver, gold or coloured foil to your logo or particular design elements will really give your business stationery a certain elegance.
  2. Embossing - embossing is when you create an impression or imprint on the surface of your business stationery in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo. It raises the surface of the finished product, creating an elegant, professional look and feel. When combined with foiling, it can certainly make a statement.
  3. Spot UV - spot UV is a technique where varnish is applied to a design element of your print piece then dried using an ultra-violet light. When applied to your business card, over your logo or used in a design element on the card, it creates a smooth, glossy effect that is quite striking.
  4. Sizing - if you are looking for a unique way to make your business card stand out, then perhaps look outside the box and create something different from your standard business card size. Square business cards, folded business cards or uniquely shaped business cards certainly grab attention and are often worth the few extra dollars you spend.
  5. Premium paper stock - premium paper stocks offer another avenue to showcase quality and professionalism to your clients and prospects. Heavier paper feels good in your customers’ hands and says “quality”, while recycled or textured, uncoated stocks can really offer a point of difference and a more organic and speciality feel.

Improve your business stationery by applying special techniques and create quality, eye catching material that will get attention and make your brand stand out from the crowd.