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10 ways to get more likes on your facebook page – part two

FacebookLike 600px

We have discussed the first 5 steps in getting more “likes” on your Facebook page last week. Here are our final 5 tips in part two of - 10 ways to get more “likes” on your Facebook page:

6. Like and interact with other companies - it’s always good to see how other companies are managing their page. Like and follow client’s business pages, industry bodies, networking groups. Find out what’s the buzz in your industry circle and like, share and interact with these companies.

7. Publish engaging content - here we are talking about not only engaging content but quality content. As noted in point 3 and 6, see what the industry buzz is, and see what your followers are liking and sharing the most. This will help with future posts and ensuring that you are engaging your followers.

8. Be active - there is no point in setting up a facebook page and then letting it sit idle. You have to be posting, sharing, liking and getting engagement on your page for it to work. Set-up a social media plan, and make sure you are posting on a regular basis. Whether you are posting daily, 3 times a week or just weekly, decide what works best for your business and stick to the plan.

9. Include Facebook likes on your website and email signatures - drive traffic to your facebook page from your website and email signatures. People won’t know you have a page, if you don’t advertise it.

10. Measure, analyse and learn - most importantly you need to analyse what is working and what is not. You want to get the most out of your social media experience so use the statistics available and adjust your plan according to what is working for you in terms of increased likes, shares and engagement.